Micro fastening specialist in cold forming
M0.8 and above
Fastenings made of new materials (e.g. Ultra Steel, beta-titanium & Gum Metal®) are now available.
We offer total fastening solutions through our continuous effort in the development of new materials
and surface finishes as well as environmentally friendly operations and products.

We are the official licensee of Torx Plus®, Torx®, LH-Stix®, Delta PT®, PT®, Duro-PT®, & Gum Metal® products.

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Please e-mail us for query.mailto:info@furiya.co.jp
Torx Plus® and Torx ® are registered trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC.
LH-Stix® is a registered trademark of OSG Corporation.
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GUM METAL® is a registered trademark of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.